Some things to consider that will help me create better photos for you:

  • If I don’t already have it, please send me your contact information: Phone and email usually will suffice.
  • Location, location, location… Do you want something natural? Rustic? Modern? Urban? Is there a special place you would like as a background? Let me know beforehand and I can suggest some places.
  • Is there a particular format or type of shot you need? For Example, an uncluttered simple head shot for a yearbook or a particular publication requirement.
  • Portrait style: what are your preferences? Black and white, color, photojournalistic, editorial, candid, traditional/posed, a little bit of everything?
  • If there is something cool or special you have seen in other portraits, bring an example or send me a link! You can even share your pinterest board with me... 
  • What do you want the images to say about you? How do you want this photo to portray yourself or your family to others?
  • Have you ever had a bad experience with getting portraits made? What was it? (I’ll do my best to NOT repeat it!)
  • Let me know about you: Favorite colors, hobbies, books, music, fun facts, etc.
  • For family portraits, think simple, relatively pattern-free clothes for everyone. "Matching" is really up to your personal preferences of course, but can be fun. The main idea is the outfits should not detract from the "you."
  • Bring any touch-up makeup you might need, and a small mirror.
  • A jacket, scarf, or sweater makes an outfit in to two or more outfits!
  • A couple sets of accessories change everything… Shoes, too!
  • Got a favorite hat or hair accessory? Bring them.
  • If this is a Senior Portrait and you have a school sweater or letter jacket… bring it! Also consider bringing a prop that represents you in your high school years: football, softball and glove, volleyball, camera, etc.

This is supposed to be fun. Really.