Welcome to my 50mm Normal project. Before I went mirrorless, this was a personal project and challenge of mine… some may remember “back in the day” doing things like this. Sure, this is an assignment many of us got decades ago in Photo101. If I recall correctly, I was never more on fire for creating images than way back when, so here it goes. I think it’s been some 25 years since I have been forced to only use a 50mm, and this time I’m not getting graded on the results or using a darkroom (which is a shame, really… I miss the darkroom so very, very much…) My goal is to upload at least one image a week (hopefully more,) that is taken at 50mm, the “normal” focal length of 35mm photography of days gone by. Given that a majority of modern digital sensors are smaller than a 35mm piece of film, the perspective from the optics will be a little different, but the premise of this was that I was limited to what I saw in the viewfinder. I didn't crop the images. One lens, no cropping. Creativity came from what I saw in the viewfinder rather than what I could have zoomed in or out to with the lens du jour. I did reserve the ability to tweak exposure and whatnot, with the occasional filtering and effects here and there as well… The equipment for the photos here was simple: My eyeballs and the grey matter behind them, either my Nikon D200 or D50 body with a Nikkor 50mm 1.8D lens. If I used a speedlight/flash on these, it was either a Nikon SB400 or SB600… -Gus
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